Our products


We have created a company and a unique product that incorporates auditory, visual, tactile and olfactory stimulation. Utilising multiple forms of stimulation to work with a range of different senses makes the product much more accessible to a broad span of society to address society’s nutritional needs. 


The purpose of this product is to empower individuals to actively engage and have choice in their daily dietary needs. In hospital wards and in private care homes, individuals who are unable to verbally communicate their needs rely heavily on staff interpretation and care planning. 


Research shows that with a diagnosis of a dementia “Individuals don’t experience flavour the way they once did, and this then causes change to their eating habits and adopting an entirely new food preference”. (Suszynski, M. 2010). There is a lack of innovation at present to address recurring malnutrition within healthcare settings, we often are required to assist individuals who may require adapted meals in line with the iddsi framework for dysphagia.