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Sensmart- It makes sense

We are a small start-up based in Newcastle, our founder Aisha is a former care home Manager and is currently a second year Nursing Undergraduate. She has seen frontline care facilities failing to provide the very best in patient care because of the lack of the right tools. She also provides the care to daughter diagnosed with Rett syndrome and sees how this product would also greatly help others in situations similar to her family’s.

Even simple solutions can be overlooked, but with Aisha’s eagle eye, she has spotted a requirement and has designed a brilliant solution to meet these needs. 

For example she has seen that malnutrition is a serious and common problem for those suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; all because there is the lack of an effective way of communicating meal choices specific to their needs. 

Healthy ageing challenges include a more diverse approach to meet the requirements or needs of individuals that cater to all. The implementation of empowering aids is required to create a societal impact to address inequalities. 

Sensmart aims to reduce malnutrition, dehydration, food waste and prolonged hospital stays amongst individuals limited by impairments or disabilities in the private and public healthcare sectors. These challenges pose significant risks to both individuals and the wider society. We offer a fresh approach to healthier living through an innovative system to empower individuals limited by impairments and their families to actively engage in their daily dietary needs. We offer education surrounding emotional eating and a platform for professional development for those with caring responsibilities or to individuals diagnosed with an element of impairment.


We are a small start up, with big ambitions to make the world a better and healthier place. Our technology, research and product all take investment to deliver.

If you are interested in learning more about investing in our purpose-driven business, then please contact us.

Join us:

We are a small team with big hearts and busy diaries. Built around purpose and getting the job done to the benefit of society, we would love to hear from you if you feel you have something to offer helping us grow.

We are currently seeking:

As a bootstrapped start-up we can’t offer salaries just yet, but we can offer company equity, flexible working, professional development, and a brilliant experience.  The team are legends too, so we’ve been told. 

Meet the team

Aisha Purvis CEO

Aisha Purvis 

Founder of Sensmart Ltd.

Former care home manager with Level 5 leadership and management diploma, current year 2 mental health nursing undergraduate. Full time parent carer for daughter with Rett syndrome. 

Alex Chikhani 


COO of Sensmart Ltd. 

a former military officer, is a seasoned entrepreneur and is a very experienced company director. He specialises in strategy and operations management but also brings a wealth of experiences from a range of roles in the public, private and charitable sectors. He enjoys helping people and building values driven businesses which deliver a positive legacy in his wake.