Collaborative approach to nutritive design

Sensmart revolutionises health-tech, to bring you a new innovation that can combat malnutrition and dehydration, prolonged hospital stays, food waste and emotional eating in clinical settings. Sensmart’s brand-new, cutting-edge solution provides an alternative approach to dietary constitution in the form of multi sensory interactive aids, specially designed for those who have been diagnosed with a disability or limiting impairment. Sensmart aims to bridge the gap surrounding communication barriers in order to combat social inequalities.

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Sensmart revolutionises health-tech to tackle malnutrition, dehydration, emotional eating, extended hospital stays and food waste. We aim to tackle societal inequalities by providing nutritional guidance in the form of multi sensory interactive aids specifically catered to individuals limited with physical or mental impairments.

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Robert Adamek
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Rett UK is proud to support Sensmart. Rett UK believe in the individual choice and dignity for people with Rett syndrome. That includes anything that can help increase communication and interaction with the world around them
Julie-anne CarterEx service manager for the NHS
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This is a very exciting and innovating product that I believe could make a significant improvement in the lives of service users who are limited in their choices and independent decisions by communication strategies that do not consider other senses
Penny Thompson-LlyodCommunity Practitioner
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I welcome your proposal, it would allow for more collaboration and could become a therapeutic activity, possibly on acute wards. Any tool to support to enable them in their decision making of their meal choices would be a benefit
Adam TaitPhysician Associate BSc (Hons), PGDIP, PA-R
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I think this is a fantastic idea and the use of combined sensory stimulation is certainly something I feel would be beneficial to the service users.
Ashlea FordeMilewood Healthcare Ltd
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As a Regional manager working within the private health care sector, I believe this product and company have the best interests of all the service users at heart. Sensmart promotes inclusion and diversity, I fully support the work and aims that they are trying to achieve.
Robyn TownsendBarclays Eagle Labs
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Collaborating with Sensmart on their sensory menu has demonstrated their remarkable person-centred approach to supporting individuals with additional needs. Their commitment to giving priority to individual needs and preferences is genuinely commendable, and I am truly inspired by the founder's devotion to improving lives and product design. I wholeheartedly reccomend working with Sensmart.
Adam HedleyClinical Lead Nurse
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Putting patients first and empowering them to take a lead in their care is rightly top of the agenda across healthcare. Sensmart restores that power to help those that we care for choose how they would like to meet their most basic of needs.


We have created a company where we know the world is bigger than ourselves, and together we can be part of something much bigger to enact a great deal more change.

We are proud to work with charities, healthcare providers, researchers and ordinary people doing the extraordinary.

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